About Us

O’Riley Media – A Micro Media Company

After a nearly 30 year career in FM radio, founder Andy O’Riley began a blog to show a better side of Muskegon Michigan.  Called Positively Muskegon.  As that initial offering grew, so did the opportunity to expand our reach and our offerings to the community and business that are in it.  In 2017 The Muskegon Channel was brought to life online as well as on Roku and Fire TV devices.  From there, the City Of Muskegon inquired if we were interested in managing the area’s Public Access Cable Channel 96.  We gladly accepted the challenge.  Adding Muskegon Channel Radio made perfect sense with the back ground in programming that was there and we’ve also branched off in to feature films.

We offer an incredible asset base in video production when it comes to company image, advertising production, radio commercial writing and production as well as assistance with live events and a rapidly growing viewer base.  We have taken media to levels neve imagined in Muskegon by broadcasters in the past and continue to lead the way with on demand programming suited to today’s lifestyle of non appointment viewing.

We strive to offer Muskegon unique and quality programming that focuses on our community in a light different than what we’ve seen for far too long in our opinion.  The purpose of media is to help a community.  Be it with information, a focal point for opinion and discussion or a catalyst for business looking to advertise at an affordable rate to a dedicated audience locally and reach further than any radio transmitter or news paper route…we’re going to continue to strive daily and innovate the way media is done.  We thank you for your visit to Muskegon, Better.