Welcome to the new addition to the O’Riley Media Group family of publishing’s, Muskegon, Better!

This is a new way to look at things in Muskegon that are directed at improving the quality of life for our community and how that message has been worked in the past.  It’s also a place where people are going to work and grow to share their perspectives and life experiences from differing view points and from differing social and economic backgrounds.  Like most of our publishing, we’re going to work with people who are getting started and working their way up.  We don’t want to exclude those with a lot of experience, but we like to develop and grow our own local media a lot more.

One thing we learned over the past few years….Muskegon isn’t spoken to very nicely all the time.  The ideas of things that are coming and going and some of the best use in practices around what should be easily figured out…. well, we could do better.  It’s a shame when information comes along with a condescending tone or if it’s shoved down your throat like there are too many simpletons in a community to understand.  We find those who know and we discuss it like grown up’s.  Simple as that.  How do we tackle ideas like broadening our “normal”?  How do we share perspectives and give a platform to people who might otherwise go unheard?  Well, we do better.  That’s how.

We’re at the launching spot for this site.  We invite you to stay tuned and watch us grow.  We invite you to meet the new contributors.  We invite you to bookmark the page and also be ready for the video content that will be coming along with most of our content.  The video portions will be seen online and on our Roku and Amazon Fire TV platforms.  We will be using shared space for the video content with our other page the MUSKEGON CHANNEL.  So, if you have a Fire TV or Roku, go to your channel store and look for the app!  It’s free!

Our body of work began in 2015 with the Positively Muskegon blog.  We began The Muskegon Channel in 2017 and took on management of Channel 96 Muskegon for the City shortly there after.  With the addition of Muskegon Channel Radio and now Muskegon, Better…we are going to continue to push to make local media the primary focus to benefit the people of this area along with the sponsors of our community who support our work and need to advertise at a reasonable rate to reach in and out of this market.  Our growth has been the incredible dedication of the staff and contributors of O’Riley Media, our sponsors who make sure the ability for us to work is there and a community who’s adapting to getting their info on demand as they choose to collect it from our platforms.

We are humbly thankful and filled with excitement to bring you Muskegon, Better.

Andy O’Riley