Welcome to Episode 2 of the Happiness Project! Today, we’re excited to introduce another holistic practitioner who specializes in unconventional treatments that may offer unique pathways to happiness.  Dr Greg Ling DC, licensed as a Chiropractor since 1997 and delves into his personal journey that led him to become a holistic practitioner. Discover more about his background and the fascinating workings of the technology he employs.

Good energy, often associated with positive emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, and optimism, can contribute significantly to happiness in several ways.  One major role is through healing that can come from within us.

Dr Greg Ling soon moved his focus and passion to vibrational healing. Dr. Ling has been having success in helping people with cancer using the Rife frequency-based technology along with energy work and appropriate supplementation.

Rife technology uses resonant frequencies that may assist in the healing of tissues, reduce inflammation, or stimulate the immune function.  Resonant frequencies may also aid in the destruction of harmful pathogens like bacteria, fungus, viruses, and even cancer cells by using the proper frequencies   Sort of like when an opera singer sings and shatters a wine glass.

There are more and more examples of recent medical research going into using specific frequencies to aid the body in the healing process. One current example is using the frequency 40 hertz to improve brain Function in Alzheimer’s, patients and patients who have received chemotherapy. It’s important to note that this does not take the place of medical treatment for cancer.  It is not approved by the FDA and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

Not only does Dr. Ling use Rife technology, but he also offers other holistic healing techniques using Bowen therapy, Bio energy technology, Sound technology, and also offers group healing sessions.

In essence, energy creates happiness by fostering positive emotions, strengthening relationships, increasing resilience, boosting motivation, improving physical health, and enhancing cognitive abilities. Cultivating and maintaining good energy in your life can significantly contribute to your overall sense of well-being and happiness.

Dr. Greg Ling, DC

800 East Ellis Road, Suite 202, Norton Shores, MI, 49441