Amy West is the founder of CUP Health in Spring Lake and is a contributing member of Muskegon, Better to share her wealth of knowledge with people who are having a hard time with aspects of life and relationships.  In her presentations, there are general thoughts offered and it’s important to remember that specific needs are based on individual issues and can’t really be “self diagnosed”, but to talk about them is a key first step.  This week, it’s a discussion on Negativity Bias.

Negativity Bias is most easily explained by sharing a thought.  Let’s say you have a bad experience with a person, place or a brand name and the first thought is “all of them are awful”.  That’s negativity bias.  It can be seen in daily life too.  Today, now more than ever when we see images of things we’re supposed to fear or not like.  It’s driven home very hard and when reenforced the way it is, understanding differing sides of the story is difficult.  Think of that in comparison to a relationship.  If you have a bad relationship with another, does that disqualify everyone of that gender?  Of course not.  It’s an individual representation, however, if in our mind we decided that “all men (or women) are “vicious narcissistic gold diggers” we have a negativity bias that’s been formed.  It will take some work to get past that.

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