As a deep thinker and a person in the business of helping others descramble the trials we go through in life, Amy looks for ways to explain things through different examples.  This week, she’s finding some thoughts in the recent eclipse and what she noticed around her during it.

Sure the observations she makes around the recent eclipse are a great way to lean in to a topic, but it’s the idea that nature can teach us a lot of things if we just pay attention.  This weeks discussion is really about conflict and handling the issues, however, is it always someone else’s problem when a conflict arises?  Sometimes it’s a necessity for all of us to slow down, step back and think through what is the root of the conflict and see if it’s a personal issue that we’re kind of trying to frame someone else with as a way to scapegoat the problem for ourselves.  It’s really simple to point fingers and blame, it takes a much more controlled and dignified person to say, “what is my role here and how can I take ownership of my part in this conflict?”  It’s a much safer starting spot .  If it progresses, and you need the help in your couple-ship, that’s why Amy is there.

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