Swenja Tanner is back this week, lakeside, and as we roll in to a beautiful Saturday Morning, you are going to be surrounded by nature and the calming effect of breathing practice.  You’re also going to get the idea of connecting to the Earth this week. 

It’s pretty easy to see once you get started, the connectivity of it all.  How we take care of our body and mind and how we curate the earth and it’s wellbeing is all in the same “river”.  Yoga and other forms of mind and movement therapy are gaining more and more followers in Western culture and while it may seem awkward a little at first, that’s why Swenja is here to get you going.  The first half of this weeks episode, is very quiet.  Then you’ll work your way into some mid section stretching and arms and legs.  Finally, you’ll get to sit and finish things up.

Remember, with any physical activity, it’s important to know your limits.  Swenja is a long time practitioner of yoga.  If you are new to the experience, take your time to get into the motions and don’t over do it.  Injuring yourself is the fastest way to ruin an amazing experience that will only enrich your life for years to come.  Keep in mind too as your progression continues, that adding a healthy eating habit will add a lot to you’re program as will upping your physical fitness in other ways.  On the Muskegon Channel, we have a weekly feature called Fit and Healthy With Becky and you’ll find a great new weekly work out there.

Swenja doesn’t have travel adventures booked, but…..stay tuned.  She’s bursting to get the shared experience of yoga lakeside going in groups and sharing the natural setting.  Our taping session was an amazing break from her actual moving in, so everyone wins this week.