Good Saturday morning to you.  This is the time that’s set aside for the calm and serenity of the week and a little self care with Swenja Tanner and Mindful Movements Yoga on Muskegon, Better.  If life is hectic, it’s you who owe you the time to slow the pace, calm the mind and give the body a little something too.  With the discipline taught here and a little practice on your end, you’ll enjoy this quickly. 

Swenja begins this week among the birds and nature sounds near her lake.  It’s what you’ll find when you ease your mind a little and allow the sounds of nature to just come thru.  Sure, there’s a little light background music, but listen to you.  Listen to your breathing as she slowly walks you in to todays lesson.  Some work on your midsection and legs and then on through your entire body is the goal.  If some of what you see is a little past your ability, that’s perfectly ok.  You can move to your comfort level and you will catch up in a short time.  This is the chance given to spend 20 minutes at peace and of course, we have a new episode weekly so please, come back and enjoy again as needed.

How would you like to join Swenja on this serene setting?  She’s opening up registration to come to her outdoor “studio” and enjoy what you see here in person and connect even more.  It’s as simple as CLICKING HERE to visit the registration site.  Keep in mind, Swenja is new to town, moving here from Grand Rapids and working to establish a business of her own and it speaks volumes that she saw the opportunity here to do that!  Let’s support our new neighbor and business grower!

Remember, with any physical activity, it’s important to know your limits.  Swenja is a long time practitioner of yoga.  If you are new to the experience, take your time to get into the motions and don’t over do it.  Injuring yourself is the fastest way to ruin an amazing experience that will only enrich your life for years to come.  Keep in mind too as your progression continues, that adding a healthy eating habit will add a lot to you’re program as will upping your physical fitness in other ways.  On the Muskegon Channel, we have a weekly feature called Fit and Healthy With Becky and you’ll find a great new weekly work out there.