This weeks segment begins with a question.  “What is love?”  Well, it’s been defined more than once, Amy is quoting Gary Chapman today as to his thoughts on what those 5 specific languages are and she explains them in her unique and gentle way. 

Is love a noun or a verb?  Amy says it’s an action word that requires some skill and practice.  It not only requires the understanding of giving what’s needed, but knowing how to receive and be fulfilled in the reciprocal engagement.  If you are not big in to books, Amy is offering you a short cut through her thoughts and some practical advise on how to best communicate if you are in a place that you think you might be a little stuck.  It’s really not that hard, you’ll be surprised at how she manages to explain the process.  However, if it’s not working yet, that’s why she’s in business…to help couple-ships improve.

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