It’s been a little tight of surroundings while we shook off winter and got to the point were Swenja could show you a peek at what she’s got in mind as she finishes up her move to Muskegon and her yoga practice grows, and while you might hear a gust of the breeze here and there, the new setting is spectacular and the serenity and beauty of her lakefront studio….well, get ready to be a part of it when she begins some groups!

In the yard on Crocker Lake is where you’ll find our quaint setting for the 13th installment of Mindful Movements Yoga.  Swenja is going to be working your midsection and legs this week and it begins with a lot of breathing to set the mood and clear your mind.  Over the next few weeks, and hopefully the spring-fall season, you’ll be able to enjoy the sounds of life all around you along with the practice.  Swenja is really in touch with all things of the earth and life and to be able to get outside…it’s a whole new feeling.

Remember, with any physical activity, it’s important to know your limits.  Swenja is a long time practitioner of yoga.  If you are new to the experience, take your time to get into the motions and don’t over do it.  Injuring yourself is the fastest way to ruin an amazing experience that will only enrich your life for years to come.  Keep in mind too as your progression continues, that adding a healthy eating habit will add a lot to you’re program as will upping your physical fitness in other ways.  On the Muskegon Channel, we have a weekly feature called Fit and Healthy With Becky and you’ll find a great new weekly work out there.

Swenja doesn’t have travel adventures booked, but…..stay tuned.  She’s bursting to get the shared experience of yoga lakeside going in groups and sharing the natural setting.  Our taping session was an amazing break from her actual moving in, so everyone wins this week.